Reg: Viking name: Serial: Delivery: In SK-traffic: Out SK-traffic: Remarks:
LN-KLH Finn 3 11apr59 26apr59 29aug74 Donated: Norsk Teknisk Museum
SE-DAA Eskil 4 25apr59 16may59 28jul74 Leased: THAI 21jun70-01oct70. Donated: Swedish Museum
OY-KRA Vagn 6 05may59 17may59 24jan74 Scrapped
LN-KLI Einar 7 17jun59 25jan59 30jun74 Leased: THAI 18oct68-27jan69. Scrapped
SE-DAB Ingemar 11 18oct59 23oct59 21may74 Leased: THAI 12jul69-08apr70. Scrapped
OY-KRB Orm 14 11nov59 25nov59 19jan60 Crashed during approach to Ankara
LN-KLP Trond 24 08mar60 18mar60 27aug74 Donated: MMA A/P, Sweden
SE-DAC Arne 25 11mar60 26mar60 30jun67 Leased: THAI: 29sep66-30jun67, reg: HS-TGI, name: Chiraprapa. Crashed Hongkong
OY-KRC Faste 29 02apr60 04may60 27sep74 Leased: THAI 04oct65-31mar70, reg: HS-TGH, name: Srisoonthorn. Scrapped
LN-KLR Hall 30 15apr60 28apr60 09jun74 Leased: THAI 05aug67-10may70, reg: HS-TGL, name: Srichulalak. Scrapped
SE-DAD Torolf 34 25may60 04jun60 09jul69 Leased: THAI 27nov67-09jul69, reg: HS-TGK, name: Thepamart. Wreck Bangkok
OY-KRD Ulf 47 30jul60 ?? 21aug74 Donated: Danish Museum
OY-KRE Knud 49 21sep60 01oct60 18sep74 Leased: THAI 28mar64-10oct70, reg: HS-TGG, name: Thepsatri. Scrapped
SE-DAE Alrik 56 28oct60 05nov60 09sep74 Leased: THAI 23dec63-02oct70, reg: HS-TGF, name: Suraneree.  Scrapped
SE-DAF Sven 112 17feb62 02mar62 23sep74 Donated: Swedish Museum
OY-KRF Torkild 170 13mar64 20mar64   Leased: THAI 03feb68-30apr68, 10mar69-17apr69, 16dec69-22feb70, 04apr70-02may70. Sold: Catair, reg: F-BUOE
SE-DAG Dag 172 18dec62 10jan65 04may71 Sold: Swedish Airforce
OY-KRG Alf 191 08mar65 09mar65 19feb69 Leased from Sud Aviation, returned owner, reg: PH-TRN
SE-DAH Torgny 193 12mar65 01apr65 13feb69 Leased from  Sud Aviation, returned owner, reg: F-BRIM
LN-KLN Trygve 209 16feb65 17jan66 18dec69 Leased from Sud Aviation, returned owner, reg: F-BRUJ
SE-DAI Alrik 210 10feb65 25mar66 27sep71 Sold: Swedish Airforce
Reg: Name: Serial: Delivery: SWR-lease: Sold to SWR: Remarks:
HB-ICW Solothurn 33 SAS:02may60 02may60 30mar65  
HB-ICX Chur 38 SAS:25jun60 25jun60 30mar65  
HB-ICY Lausanne 43 SAS:08jul60 08jun60 30mar65  
HB-ICZ Bellinzona 48 SAS:13aug60 13aug60 30mar65  
HB-ICS Uri 121 SWR:17mar62     ordered/accepted by SAS
HB-ICT Schwyz 122 SWR:29mar62     ordered/accepted by SAS
HB-ICU Aargau 123 SWR:apr62     ordered/accepted by SAS
HB-ICV Schaffhausen 147 SWR:oct62     ordered/accepted by SAS